Our concept of high quality visualization includes an adequate provision of 3D models. Therefore accurate and efficient polygon modelling is our first priority at Techvis. The models can be generated with different levels of detail, depending on your wishes and later use; whether as a 3-D model for the web or other real time applications or, with a high degree of detail, for form finding or as 3-D print. We apply the same sophistication in texturing the models (see laser ablation). Any professional 3-D model demands exact and distortion-free application of textural coordinates.

Concept Modelling

PolygonModelling is the first step of implementing designs. Together with designers and engineers we quickly and accurately develop first forms and models.These can then be converted into free formed surfaces and integrated into CAD systems for further processing or directly converted into SLT.


For the rendering of softparts, we have been partners of the automobile industry for years. Based on catalogues of materials, photos and foams we render components inclusive of their “soft” haptics, e.g. seats (including the visual appearance of seams and drapery), steering wheels, folding roofs etc.


To enrich CGI productions along with shooted backgrounds and filmed material, we develop complete virtual sets for your set-ups. This can be artistically abstract backgrounds or surroundings with photorealistic touch, e.g. street canyons or mountains.


We create your own 3-D models “ready for printing”. Over the last years we were able to acquire a considerable amount of know-how in preparing and creating 3-D models for printing with a 3-D printer. In this, the respective tolerances to the different printable materials play an important role. We will be happy to advise you in creating your own printed model.