We generate pictures as realistic as reality itself: You want to show a 4by4 in the middle of a tropical jungle, a classical instrument from an unusual perspective or a lone ski during a downhill ride? Thanks to the advanced techniques of computer generated imagery (CGI) there are hardly any boundaries to your creativity. The options for applications are countless: Through photorealistic rendering your products can be cost-effectively displayed in any desired context − making the image of a brand emotionally tangible in an unprecedented way. Also, any technical processes and contexts can be made visible and comprehensible from the earliest steps onward, which is ideal for internal processes or external communication.

One of our main line of services is to provide consultation and support for projects from an early stage: We assist designers and architects during conceptual and developmental processes by visualizing their CAD models and making them appear as if they have already been built. With those “virtual prototypes” the individual development steps can be viewed instantaneously and changes can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively.

Offline Rendering Services

ABased on CAD data as well as specially developed 3D models and surroundings we are able to create high end renderings for brochures, advertisement images, animations, web specials or corporate movies. Through numerous steps, from rendering procedures up to complete and complex simulations like the BSDF measurement (in cooperation with our business partner [0X1] software), they are technically precise and expressive.

Realtime Rendering Services

In addition to our other services we process your CAD data for real time visualizations − within assorted VR engines or with Autodesk® Showcase® − allowing you to control your data interactively and to present it on the internet or on specific presentation platforms for showrooms, trade show presentations or power wall presentations.